Learn More Here: https://alistairvermaak.com/where-do-I-even-start I want to help you start your online business. There are two paths that make sense for me to teach you. A WordPress website or an eCommerce store built with Shopify. NB: I will install the basic pages and a theme for you for FREE (T&C's apply) I will show you step by step, with video and blog posts how to find your business idea, how to do market research, find keywords, register your business, buy a domain, install WordPress, install themes, add content and how to optimize for SEO . For continuous support, you can reach out to me and we can negotiate long term support, guidance and different tactics to grow your business. My Site: https://alistairvermaak.com Digital Marketing: https://vermaakmarketing.com Connect With Me here: Facebook: https://facebook.com/alistair.vermaak Instagram: https://instagram.com/alistairvermaak