It's been quite a long time since President Trump did his skillful Q+ bombing run using his very last opportunity with "Dr." Birx to deliver a MOAB blast to the cult I now call the "Pharmafia." (Mother Of All Bombs)

On April 24th, 2020, on worldwide tv, DJT announced to billions: "I See The Disinfectant...The One That Works In A Minute...."

This info "drop" was skillfully sandwiched in between two references about using Light (UV) inside an intubated hospitalized patient. But the Disinfectant sounds more like a 1 minute home remedy or speedy outpatient care.

In fact, to date it has been exactly 413 days and inquiring minds still want some answers....
What is the Lung Disinfectant?
Where is the Lung Disinfectant?
Where can I buyLung Disinfectant?


Was President Trump joking around or completely misleading the suffering masses with all his rhetoric of strange alternatives?

The answer is that the sway & deception of Mainstream media is much more powerful than anticipated. When the script got flipped to needles, Chlorox & Lysol, the MK Ultra'd masses COMPLETELY fell for it, hook, line & sinker.

In fact, many of our own Patriots have barely a thread of information in their memory banks about it. Are we too far gone to focus on a basic decode? This one was quite elementary:

Injection = A common Nebulizer machine has a compressor, hose & an injection chamber just before the mouthpiece.

Disinfectant = The Websters Old World Dictionary definition of disinfectant is an Antiseptic.

Or, has Big Pharma's Media Arm successfully groomed us Americans to accept total medical tyranny? Will effective home remedies be outlawed, OR JUST FOREVER FORGOTTEN down the elites memory hole?

Me? I crave complete freedom. I must be able to breathe without the help or permission of a Doctor, drug or some expensive pharmacy filled prescription. It is my right. Anyone who would stand in the way of our natural breathing process or our ability to access an alternative remedy is an enemy to ALL of mankind.

The word must go out. Please help spread the good news? The Lung "Disinfectant" our amazing President announced is real, available, affordable and there's NO MIDDLE MAN acting as a gatekeeper.

Get yours today. Tell everyone you know....Q said "Cures are coming." This is one & you will be surprised to learn firsthand it's capabilities. Formula is ORGANIC. Find out for yourself just how broad- spectrum it really is!

Mainstream media will NEVER tell you.

Your friend & fellow Patriot brother,

Phil H H ><>
Married, father of 6, Patriot Submarine Veteran

Creator of "TrumpLung Disinfectant"
(original 2016 formula "Breathe Again...Naturally X4 Concentrate")

Cell 832-316-2545
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