1776 Forever Free is a community-based organization that supports the Constitutional Rights of all Americans. Regardless of political party, gender, race, religion, or creed, if you believe in the statements below then we welcome you to join our American movement.  First, we believe in a Free Market and Economic Freedom for all Americans. Second, we believe in the Freedom of Speech and the Right to Peaceably Assemble as guaranteed by the 1st Amendment of The Constitution. Third, we believe that preserving the Earth and its environments are paramount to the continued longevity of not only our Republic, but all of humanity. Last, we fundamentally oppose government overreach and the suppression of the Constitutional Rights provided to all Americans. Do you agree? Join our movement.  http://www.1776ForeverFree.com #megaphonemarine Photography for the copyrighted images contained and for The Freedom Tour U.S.A. on behalf of 1776 Forever Free are to be credited to "Ron Lyon Photo" (@ronlyonphoto) He has granted permission