As this show is just one step in a bigger venture, we have big plans ahead.  At this time we are working on building a website to bring all the patriot journalists, filmmakers, show hosts, etc to one spot.  A place away from other media sources that have been censoring us.  We want to create a full 24 hour media network that brings truth back to the people.  We are putting as much into this project as we possibly can but building a website is not in my skill set.  Once everything is going our hopes are to run the site and pay the show and content creators through advertising.  However we could certainly use any donations or personal talents to help us get to that point.  We are not afraid to work hard to make this happen and once the cost of building the website is behind us, we will be able to take the next big step in bring truth and honest perspective back to the people.  Thank you kindly for any of your support. Whether it be donation, time, or the fact that you watch our show, we sincerely thank you.


You can purchase shirts at   www.celticcreationsus.com