Check out our extended footage of Wizz Air's low pass over downtown Budapest during the airshow on May 1 2014. (Find the short version here with cockpit voices and different cam views: Cpt David Morgan and Cpt András Arday made the first ever low altitude fly-by overhead the bridges of Budapest with an Airbus jetliner. Enjoy the aerial shots of our beautiful town and check out the professional work of the cockpit crew . Made by Tamás Bodorics and András Mihalik. Music by Dexter Britain.
  1. now that was some fancy fling in that bus of a plane lol great job with the video and flying cant wait till i get done with my licensing for private or light sport not sure what I’m going to go for money is a factor but so are the privilege’s but part 103 might be how I get my butt in the air for my price range