THE ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME - One Adventure is a side-scrolling platform-style adventure game. You play as the character ‘One’ an individual of positivity. In this game, you must race through the Land Of Numbers and save Princess Pie from ‘Evil Divisor’. Evil Divisor is the complete opposite of you and will do everything to stop you from reaching Princess Pie. You will have to clear different levels and defeat difficult bosses to get a chance to face off against Evil Divisor and rescue your princess. One jumps, walks, and runs across each level facing against enemies. However, he has help along the way. Throughout the game, you’ll be awarded coins where you can purchase better equipment to tackle these monsters and obstacles. Weapons, Head Gear, Shoes, and Slomo Juice are all designed to help you get one step closer to your goals. Will you be able to rescue your princess or fall victim to Negative One? ---- Learn more at Subscribe to the newsletter for the latest information at Find us on Facebook at And on Instagram at Submitted by social media marketing agency Digi-Buzz LLC www.Digi-Buzz.Biz