"Falconry is the Rosetta Stone for al-Qaeda," Falconer Alan Howell Parrot

According to Falconer Alan Howell Parrot and Benghazi Whistleblower Nick Noe, the Islamic Republic of Iran extorted $152 billion from President Barack Obama, in a quid-pro-quo exchange for Iran's secrecy about the staged trophy kill, and bin Laden’s return to Iran.

Both report collusion between Iran, former Vice President Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton. They first presented this interview last week at the American Priority Conference, a conservative event, which was held at Trump’s Miami resort.

Parrot claims Biden cut a deal with Iran to set up Bin Laden’s 2011 death in Pakistan. But when Iran double-crossed the United States and switched in a Bin Laden body double, Biden and Clinton arranged for a Navy SEAL helicopter to be shot down to keep the truth about the raid from getting out.

Trump retweeted the original story.