The welfare systems of Scandinavian countries are often touted as examples of socialism implemented successfully. But how is the “democratic socialism” being advanced in America today fundamentally different? Why are vandals targeting not just Confederate statues but also the statues of people like Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant? And in the eyes of Dinesh D’Souza, what is the moral flaw at the heart of democratic socialism? In this episode, we sit down with author, filmmaker, and public intellectual Dinesh D’Souza, to discuss his latest book, “United States of Socialism.” This is American Thought Leaders ??, and I’m Jan Jekielek. #statueremoval #economy #protest === Subscribe for updates + ? : Donate to support our work: Follow Jan on Twitter: Follow us on Facebook: Try a newspaper that doesn't spin the facts: Sign the Petition to Investigate, Condemn, and Reject the Chinese Communist Party? Want to listen to our interviews as podcasts? Links below: iTunes Podcast: Google Podcast: Spotify Podcast: MORE VIDEOS: Sidney Powell: Inside the Michael Flynn Case and DOJ Reform | American Thought Leaders Why Are Black Conservatives Called Uncle Tom?—Larry Elder Talks George Floyd Protests & New Film “The Undoing of American Liberty”—Dennis Prager Talks Communism, Cancel Culture & Systemic Racism Violent Crime Will Spike As Police Stop Policing—Heather Mac Donald Talks BLM and “Defund Police” Marxist Influences on the George Floyd Protests, Riots & Communist China’s Hidden War—Joshua Philipp Are the Riots Really About George Floyd?—Burgess Owens on Marxism, Racism | American Thought Leaders === OUR PLAYLISTS: Culture War: The Communist China Threat: Crossfire Hurricane / FISA Abuse: The Trump Administration: Traditional Values: CCP Virus: Media: Economy: Education: 2020 Elections: === Credits: shutterstock Images: Music:, Stock Video: ------------------------------------------------- © All Rights Reserved.