The CrowdScore™ Rating System

News Stories

With CrowdScore™ , users determine the quality and accuracy of all news stories by scoring them with an up or down vote. Then, based on these scores, a CrowdScore™ will be tabulated and placed inside a bright green tab (Coming soon) that follows the story everywhere on the PureSocial™ platform. News sources (like MSNBC and Fox News) also receive a CrowdScore™. It is tabulated based on the scores of all the stories the source has published. This holds publishers accountable, encouraging them to fact-check and write with honesty and integrity.

User Comments

User comments will also be scored as the CrowdScore™ is tabulated and follows the comments everywhere on the platform. Users themselves also receive a CrowdScore™. It will be tabulated based on all the scores and comments the users make. So comment wisely.


Any user can be a publisher. Therefore, the CrowdScore™ of these user/publishers is based on both the scores of their comments and the scores of their articles. Now things are getting interesting!

The PureSocial™ Vision

Social media is changing the way brands connect with consumers, one interaction at a time. We are in an experiential era where one-way communication is no longer the expectation from consumers and the impact of traditional media is in steady decline. PureSocial™ is smart social media.

Pure, Unbiased, Smart Media.

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