Supposed Washington Post VP front-runner for Joe Biden, Stacey Abrams has been busy making videos. Flashy graphics and disingenuous claims about what happened in January are being told to rewrite the story. Why are you not asking the reason behind 8 of the 9 states with more than 2,500 COVID related deaths have democrat governors? Two of the most liberal states of New York and New Jersey make up a total of 42% of the total number of deaths. If we are spreading blame, accolades have to be given to New York City Mayor DeBlasio because New York City has more deaths than any other state with a whopping 15% of the entire nationwide total. But blame President Trump. Have no fear we see your agenda. Just so we are on the same playing field here, you also realize that President Trump, "Art of the Dealed" you by coming out saying he was in charge. The next thing that happened, the states took it upon themselves to lead. Which in turn ended up with the 8 out of 9 states statistic. ___________________________________________________ Please Subscribe and Like this Video. Sign Up: Text: CITIZENMEDIA at 22828 Join us on Facebook: Join us on Twitter: Our Website: HTTP:// .