Muzzle Free Zone

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Our Mission FREE SPEECH VERIFIED! Muzzle Free = Restriction Free, Censorship Free & Pro-Freedom, PERIOD. When you END the Labels, You’ll END Divide & Rule, We are all Humans so STOP acting like a Fool! The mission of Muzzle Free Zone is simple; First to realize and understand the true power behind “We The …

All In Ohio

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Welcome to the debut of All In Ohio: The Podcast! I Feel free to share ideas for future guests and topics! A new episode of All In Ohio: The Podcast will appear once a week.

Clip Artist Films

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As I dig deeper into #DEEPSTATEDAVE and his team it’s becoming more and more clear that they are given free range to operate in a nefarious manner. Free range along with access to very interesting projects and players. That seems to be the modus operandi for the CIA over the …

Krystal Tini

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Krystal Tini Influencer. Truth seeker. Bomb dropper. Krystal does not come with a sugar-coated topping. Her raw, edgy delivery of current happenings is how she has become known. If you are seeking truth - in its purest form - you'll find it. She asks you to dig deeper and swim further than the shallow …

Maryam Henein

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Veteran Investigative Journalist/ Vaccine Safety Coverage since 2013. #Covid19 coverage since Jan '20. Blew the whistle on #Bayer Director of award-winning documentary film VanishingBees narrated by @TheElliotPage / Functional Medicine Coach (Institute of Functional Medicine). I identify as Witty & Sarcastic AF Join me and other content producers on Buzz on by to Finally Killed on …

2 Citizen Moms

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The silence in North Carolina is deafening. The pandemic has stretched on for nearly two years and not once have We The People had the opportunity to express our concerns and thoughts directly to our representatives in the form of public hearings. Science is constantly evolving, but our approach to the …

Ted Miller Music

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God Bless America! "Made In America" http://www.TedMiller.US Honoring Our Heroes, Our People and Our Nation! Please join me in supporting our American Gold Star Mothers, , mothers who have lost their son or daughter while in the service of our country. Help me in honoring the selfless brave men and …

What the Fact –...

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What the Fact - A Conservative Sketch Show What The Fact is a CONSERVATIVE American sketch comedy show with satirical news and digital shorts that are based on FACT. . . Heck, who are we kidding, we are the SNL for right minded people. Only better. Check us out on Rumble:


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The #1 Independent news service in the world, battling globalism and promoting a pro-human future worldwide. Infowars is Tomorrow's News Today.

Tipp Center

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The Tipp Center is situated on a serene 10.7-acre campus, across from the Miami Conservancy that offers a bike way, walking paths, nearby park and pool. The center is north of the historic downtown community offering several locally owned restaurants and Shoppes.  ​ Less than 20 minutes from the Dayton International Airport and 10 minutes north of the I-70 …

Living Faith Bible Church

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We are committed to worshipping Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Nothing is more important to us than surrendering and trusting in Him alone for salvation and help for daily living. The Scripture, God’s word, is our guide to growing and learning more about Him. We endeavor to create a …

Mike Lindell TV

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Please share with everyone you know to help save our country! Support this free speech platform by contributing here:  

Indivisible With Joh...

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Great show with relevant topics and guests - we just need to get the truth out. Support this free speech platform by contributing here: INDIVISIBLE is a show focused on celebrating Faith, Family & Home. We are about you, America! From politics, news, sports, music, to food and film, we cover …


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Social Media With Real Strategy Melissa Miller has worked in social media for over a decade. She went from business to business helping them create a social media structure and plan to get them up and running. Anything from creating content, building a voice, and more, Melissa did what she could …

Patriot Transition Voice

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Patriot Transition Voice is an Interview Show introducing individuals who are Advocates for Justice & Freedom Fighters around the world. Truth is the natural enemy and target of evil, so 'We The People' must become the most powerful Voices in the world. When that power is projected, it must only be …


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Kelly & Dawn Show This is about you…and how you can personal financial wealth. Not through that cool stuff like buying stocks, and bitcoin and alt investments…yes, we might cover some of that. But mainly through the stuff I know well, budgeting, shopping, coupons, looking for discounts. I get lost on …

Real Talk with Ryan ...

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The Hartwig Foundation for Free Speech. Ryan will be sharing information around big tech, Facebook, big government issues. Support this free speech platform by contributing here:

Giovanni Gallucci

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Learn how to grow your business or organization with search engine optimization, social media marketing, digital strategy, photography, & online video. I create easy to understand videos that give business and organizational professionals results-focused, tactical tips you can implement yourself. My videos are targeted to the everyday social media strategist, …

Coffee Talk With Sandra

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Sunday 11:30 am Kingdom Come Sunday 9:00 pm Late Night Monday 10:00 pm Music Monday Tuesday & Thursday 10:00 pm Unfiltered Friday 9:00 pm Q Tips Support this free speech platform by contributing here:

Bryson Gray

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http://TheGrayPatriot.Com/ Support this free speech platform by contributing here:

Right Side Broadcast...

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Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) is a national political news broadcasting network founded in 2015. Our primary focus is live coverage of political events. Support this free speech platform by contributing here:

Matt Couch

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Christian - Father - Investigator - Political Analyst Founder of Truth Slinger - Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum IG/Parler/Gab: @RealMattCouch Support this free speech platform by contributing here:

Dr. Cordie Williams

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Leader, Veteran, Doctor. Dr. Cordie Williams is a leader in the Chiropractic profession, a U.S. Marine, and a professional speaker. Founder of 1776 Forever Free. Support this free speech platform by contributing here:


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Suppressed, deleted, banned for life and generally shunned by mainstream platforms, Zak Paine of RedPill78 was a fast growing News and information channel on Youtube and Twitter.  After two years of steady growth, on Oct. 15, 2020, Youtube deleted and banned RedPill permanently after nearly 800 videos, two years of daily …

Del Bigtree

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High above the circus of mainstream media spin, death-defying talk without the safety net of corporate influence… this is The HighWire with Del Bigtree. Del Bigtree is a man with allegiance to no one and nothing but the truth. As an Emmy Award winning producer on the CBS talk show The …

Dr. Barry Morrison

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I’m Dr. Barry and for those of you who know me know that it’s no secret as to where I stand when it comes to the topic of Cannabis! Just recently I’ve had the honor of being chosen by a group of cannabis industry leaders from across the country to …

Dr. Simone Gold, MD, JD

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We exist to counter the massive disinformation campaign regarding the pandemic. We are diverse, exceedingly well-credentialed physicians, with extensive front line experience treating both COVID-19 and the risky health effects due to the lockdowns. There are many early treatment options! Most people do just fine! If you would like to …

The Daily Boogie

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Boogie Bumper - Black shirt wearing Libertarian raising the black flag Nonsense and insight in equal measure. Seriously sarcastic. Live every M/W/F 6PM EST Tip the show $1 TTS, $3 media play - Podcast: iTunes - Full show replays at Bitchute - Short Clips at Youtube - Merchandise: "BoogieBumper Tonight" theme music …


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The PureSocial™ Network is a social media movement giving control of the social media conversation into the hands of the people. PureSocial™ is a platform of the people, by the people, and for the people. Your voice will be heard through the power of the vote with our CrowdScore™ rating system, creating press accountability and …

Citizen Media News

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Citizen Media News (CMN) is a Grassroots Marketing, PR, and Media platform for Conservative and Citizen leaders, activists, and readers.   CNM has an in-house Conservative writer, photographer, PR and News writer as well as an experienced social media and web designer.   We aim to help build a Citizen Journalist movement of highly …

Anna Khait

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Anna Khait is a born-again Christian conservative. Anna worked undercover for Project Veritas and her investigation was successful in getting multiple communists in the Department of State fired. Secretary Pompeo even commented on her video.   She had her own Youtube show called “The Anna Khait Show” until Youtube banned her channel …

Project Veritas

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James O’Keefe established Project Veritas in 2011 as a non-profit journalism enterprise to continue his undercover reporting work. Today, Project Veritas investigates and exposes corruption, dishonesty, self-dealing, waste, fraud, and other misconduct in both public and private institutions to achieve a more ethical and transparent society. Today, O’Keefe serves as the …


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Support Us in Our Mission to Keep Our Content Free and Uncensored By Donating Today to Help Us: Broadcast via LIVESTREAM incredible guest interviews including those that would otherwise be BANNED, DELETED AND CENSORED by the Silicon Valley technology giants like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter Continue to develop …

Dr. Judy Mikovits

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American Priority

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American Priority was founded in 2018 on three main principles: Liberty, Integrity and Equality. After the 2016 election, our country got a fresh chance at reimagining the American Dream that seemed to be fading from view. With President Trump’s win the status quo was wholly upended and a new breath …

Dr. Andrew Wakefield

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Andrew Jeremy Wakefield is an acclaimed British physician best known for his 1998 study that showed a link between the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine and autism, and for his diligence with anti-vaccination activism. Support this free speech platform by contributing here:

News & Politics

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The best videos in news & politics. Join us! Support this free speech platform by contributing here: